Cordcalling, an art rock duo based in London, ON, is "doing more with less" (Jason Schneider of Kitchener ON's The Record). Since the duo's inception, they have been continuously intriguing and engaging audiences and industry participants with their raw and unique style. Denise, with her passion for poetry, and Brian, with his aptitude for visual art, ignite a powerful spark in their intense musical convergence. Not shying away from "marching to the beat of their own drum," they are preparing to release their latest album, "We are Still," which is a bold throwback to "old-school" recording, mixing, and Mastering. This refreshing collection of songs will be available for purchase on vinyl and CD at Cordcalling's upcoming album release show at London, ON's London Music Club on April 8, 2017. "We are Still" has already received much anticipation from the media, including London's SCENE Magazine.

Thoughout Cordcalling's successful musical journey, they have unleashed a power-packed 3-song CD, "When I Scream," and a dynamic full-length CD "Obsessed by the Light." The art rock performers have also been included on prominent CD compilations, including in association with 1000 Acts of Kindness. Cordcalling’s showcase at Canadian Music Week solidified their musical potential, where they shared the bill with such acclaimed acts as Sloan, The Trews, and Default. Receiving airplay from London's Best Rock FM 96 and charting positions on Canadian college radio; press, such as The National Post and Canadian Musician Magazine; and performances at top venues, including Toronto’s The Horseshoe Tavern, further demonstrates the power and determination of this duo. Cordcalling's success is evident in the support they have received from The London Music Awards, of which they are one of the most nominated bands and included among the live ceremony performers. They have also been nominated for Fan Favorite in the Jack Richardson Music Awards. Critics express their interest in Cordcalling, likening Denise's lead vocals to the legendary punk-rocker Patti Smith (London Free Press, London, ON). One common opinion among their critics is that the musical outfit is unique and innovative. James Reaney remarks about Cordcalling's "compact, high-energy songs" that Cordcalling have "a style of their own" (London Free Press, London, ON). Chris Montanini of The Londoner (London, ON), agrees with that reflection and writes, "It's hard to pin down the grunge-esque rock duo Cordcalling". This view is also shared by Dave Clarke: "Cordcalling manages to mix punk, psych, grunge and Goth over the course of three tracks" (SCENE Magazine, London, ON). Cordcalling has received positive reviews from the media and the public for their official music video "Wicked Desires." Although creativity is very important to members Denise and Brian, their music runs deeper than just artistic style. Cordcalling embodies the undertones of their name. Cord is the spiritual bond that connects them to each other and to their Maker. Calling is symbolic of their belief that everyone has a purpose. Cordcalling's purpose is to express to the world, in their creative and sincere way, the inner cries of the soul for lasting hope and meaning.

Denise Conway - Lead Vocals/Drums/Song-writing

Brian Conway - Back-up Vocals/Guitar/Song-writing